Here is an overview of the services I offer in my ordination

General Dermatology

Acne, Psoriasis vulgaris, atop. Dermatitis, Skin and nail mycosis, wounds, autoimmune diseases, etc

Whole-Body Inspection

with dermatoscopic mole control and, if necessary, photo documentation.


of lymph node stations, as staging and for follow-up care for skin cancer.

Operative Dermatology

Removal of conspicuous birthmarks and neoplasms, warts or cosmetically disturbing skin changes, etc.

Pediatric Dermatology

Neurodermatitis, Urticaria, etc.


As part of skin cancer prevention, an annual check-up of moles is recommended in order to identify changes in good time.

I will be happy to remind you of your check-up appointment free of charge.